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January 20, 2009


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Kevin Davis

I think He was smiling too. It was an amazing sight to see and definitely a moment to celebrate. You are right, it is easy to focus on what other people do that God hates, and it is all-too-easy to justify our actions and pretend he somehow blesses the hatred, strife and discord we often sow.

I didn't choose to be born a white kid in America, anymore than anyone could have chosen their race. And I don't have to bear the burden of all the wrong done by my ancestors and those I bear the resemblance of, but I choose to take responsibility for it, to be apologetic for it. What I can do is choose to make a difference today. Yesterday was a victory for me and other white folk too, because it leveled the playing field that American history had written for us.

I"m praying for Obama and his administration - and I hope he continues to not just inspire us, but truly bring our country back together. And wasn't it cool to listen to Rick Warren pray 'in Jesus name' yesterday? Loved it.


I agree with the two of you! God was certainly smiling! I certainly feel bad for any of our Christian brethren who felt there was nothing to smile about. They missed the moment! Yes, I also loved Rick Warren's moment as well as the benediction given by Rev. Lowery! It was a great day in not only this country's but also the world's history. :)

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