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January 08, 2009


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Markita Knight

I mean!!! Praise the Lord! Not only will this be a healthy pregnancy but God is going to allow you to see His hand and show you a side of him that you've not seen before. Trust is the key.....We speak it and we know God promises and track record. He doesn't lie, nor does he fail. He holds his Word high above his name. It's time that we move to a place and allow our actions to line up with what we speak. He does everything for His glory and honor. Trust him to use your life and experiences to not only prove to the world that He is God; but also, to bring him the glory and honor that belongs to him.

I love you dear!

Kevin Davis

Kindred spirits and natural friendships are one of God's greatest gifts to us.

The NON-Superwoman

Love to hear about good friends. And was so happy to see a friend I know on your page: Ms. Knight :-) Found your blog recently and now I know why I've been digging it so much! God bless you with your newest bundle.


You are certainly blessed! Friends are family of the Heart.



Sister like that are PRICELESS. I'm sure you know that already. Cherish every second with them. You don't get girls like that everyday.


You don't know me, but I think that our God led me to your blog tonight. I was googling about prayers against fear and anxiety. I, too, miscarried what was to be my second child at 9 weeks. I've just found out tonight that I'm expecting again. It's very early, and we had a false start two months ago.

So, God brought me to your blog. I had just gotten through having a moment in my kitchen - "Fear- I give you no sanctuary here! You have no place and no power here! You have no dominion here! God, I am yours and this baby is yours. You were here before and you'll continue to be here. My hope is in you and not in what's to come." Seems we are in a similar situation.

It's so good to see a woman of faith so transparent. I also have my SISTERS (biological and adopted in Christ) and am SO blessed that God has hand picked them for me. They truly have been His hands, feet and voice with me these last six months.

I'll be checking back to see how you are doing.


Hazel-thanks for Ps. 91. It's just perfect.


I want to thank EACH of you for your words of encouragement.

Eliza...I am so glad to know that something written here touched your heart. I pray that Gods peace surrounds you and that this pregnancy is a healthy and easy one for you.

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