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December 17, 2008


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You have a lot of options, so for that I can see how you're thankful throughout such hard decisions. I can't help but feel that Nashville wouldn't be a bad place to start. There is so much here that you could do... Plus, walking into a studio and doing a project over a matter of a year or so would be so easy with the resources this town has to offer...

Definitely wait for God concerning the baby :) It will happen... It will.

Kevin Davis

Options are a good thing and sometimes God's seeming silence is drawing you closer. What's He been echoing lately? You know your talented and passionate, so maybe you both just need to do it, whatever it is - just take the step and that's what God is waiting for.


We're SO there with you. Although God is making it clear what He wants to do with me, we're still in this place with my husband. There is so much he can do, but we're just unsure of which road to take.


God will definitely lead you! Although there are so many options, maybe an idea could be just letting go of all those and simply asking God, 'what do you want me (us) to do now?' and waiting for the answer. I know how silly that might sound (too simple maybe) but worth a try, works for me and I'm in the job, home and doing the college degree He specifically led me to (still waiting for the man/family thing to pan out though)! :)

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