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December 03, 2008


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Oh Kelli,
I had no idea you were hurting so deeply and badly this whole time. Unfortunately, we get pulled in two different directions at church and that makes it difficult. I definitley should have checked up you more, I apologize that I haven't. Please do know that I have still continued to keep you in my prayers over this past year. I should have also physically followed up with you on a regular basis. I'm sorry I have failed in that department. It will change immediately, please forgive me. It certainly wasn't my intent to hurt you, but I am afraid I was one of those people. Ugh! I will be a better friend. I will see you on Sunday. Take Care, and take heart....sometimes we get lost and we have to find our way back, even the friends.


did you get my comment? i do not see it posted.
anyway, i wanted to tell you i didn't realize you were hurting so profoundly and i apologize to you because i feel i am one of those friends that let you down. it of course, was not my intent...but none the less. i will try to do better and be there for ya more, i will try to meet up with you and see how you are doing. sometime (a lot of times) church and responsiblities can take me over and keep me in one section of the church. so i will try harder. please forgive me. i do want you to know i have kept you in my prayers over the past year continually. so i have been true to you spiritually my dear. please take care and take heart. we friends do tend to get off track and we need some reeling in at times. I'm sorry. I will see you on Sunday.
(I apologize if you got two posts from me, i didn't see my original on post. hopefully, this one does.)


Oh sweet Joie. I sincerely appreciate your words of kindness. You have been quite supportive and I've never even once thought that you didnt care.
In my post Im kind of vague, but I mean more from a standpoint of a mentor that I really looked up to and have just been completely let down this year by their lack of concern.
I appreciate you taking the time to comment. It meant so much. And although I have had some terribly rough days this year, my good days outweigh my bad days by far. Praise be to God.


Yes, He does.

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