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November 12, 2008


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Kevin Davisk

1. I'm with you - that would be awesome. But it is second on my list of places to visit because Braveheart has inspired me to hike the highlands of Scottland first.

2. Absolutely. I wouln't mind one of those hobbit homes either (circle shaped doors are awesome).

3. Too creepy.

4. I think so.

5. I was just finishing a post for my Poppie, died 5 years ago this January - great man. I miss him. Thankfully we have people in our lives like that.


Wow Kevin. My grandpa passed 5 years ago this coming May.
As for Scotland, I've heard its gorgeous.


1. I frequently watch all three back to back for the whole story. I want to learn to speak elvish (it's beautiful and musical) and orlando bloom is georgeous in that movie...

2. I did. The permeating serenity there was really appealing.

3. Never heard of the show. Gonna check it out tho.

4. I think he did. When my grandpas died a few years ago, he was in and out of nursing care. when the end was near, I came from miami to chicago with great difficulty. it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. on the way to the airport the clutch fell out of my car and i had to get the next flight. the next flight was delayed for 2 hours. i thought i was not gonna be able to see my grandpa before he passed. i was crying and praying the whole flight thinking that when i landed i would get the message that i missed saying goodbye. when i landed we went straight to the hospital. i walked in the room and his face lit up and he nodded. he couldn't talk cuz they had put a tube down his throat. about 10 minutes after going in the room his heart rate started to slow. i stayed with him singing and praying to and for him until he moved on about an hour later. the doctor and nurses said that after my grandma said i was coming he would look to the door anytime he heard people walking by and shake his head. he only nodded once-when i came in the room 7 hours after they told him i was coming-3 hours later than they expected him to live. it was as if he was waiting for me. it comforts me to believe that.

i said all that to say this: He heard you at that point doctors can't tell you what is happening because if it is important enough to you or your pap pap-he'll MAKE it get through.



well since you said you won't judge...;)

It's not Wednesday, but tonight I'm struggling with an issue that has become an issue in my life. (excuse the redundancy)

It seems that the older I get and the more I do, no matter how genuinely kind to people and humble I am, SO many women just DO NOT like me. Wierd thing is, they don't even know me. They won't even give me a chance. It's like they take one once over of me and turn their nose up and have already made up in their minds who or what I am. I hate it and am not sure what to do about it.

What bothers me the most is that I see the need and hurt in alot of the same women and just wish I could reach out to them. But feel they won't receive me, so I don't feel free to.

Sorry about the whinning. I just wanted to get it out. It's not something I can just spill to everyone. Most wouldn't understand.

Does this even make any sense? :)

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