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November 19, 2008


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Actually, I've been thinking about it a great deal for almost a week- wondering how many women have not proceeded in their calling because they were told from the pulpit that women were not allowed to do certain things in the church- that God is against such things as female pastors, preachers, teachers, deacons, etc.- I ordered two books on dealing with the role of women in the church and they arrived today! Very good reading on the first one- I hated to put it down! I'm going to be blogging about this subject after I finish the books.
It's heartbreaking the things we may believe are wrong simply because someone mistakenly interpreted scripture and then unwittingly passes it off as gospel. I'm wanting to set some people free!

Anyway, that's what I've been thinking about!

Kevin Davisk

It's Thursday - but lots to think about.

Big Three scares.
I love the Office and it's on tonight.
Michigan winters are so depressing.

I'm going to have to search your categories to read about Christian, don't think I've heard that story - or maybe I have from the Obama post? I'll figure it out.

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