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November 05, 2008


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Savaslas Lofton

I may get stoned for this...but I didn't vote for Barack either. I struggled so much with the decision of wanting to be a part of history, but my convictions could not let me proceed for the very reason you mentioned, not to mention his stance on abortion and same sex union. The Word had to be above race for me. Though it was tempting. I did not go away sorrowful by any means necessary feeling that I had made the right decision. But I felt accountable for standing up for what was right, instead of what was popular. Believe you me, I am so proud that we have as Americans, a breakthrough finally in the presidency. My prayer is that God would lead him on the path that should be taken for this country. This moment too was momentous for me, hearing his speech, I was just as proud, knowing that a generation (40 years ago), African American's and supporters were singing "We Shall Overcome". It IS time for us to put our differences aside to bring restoration back to this country. But no matter WHO is in office, Christians have been given a tool that's greater than any vote, that's called prayer. I just pray that we as the body of Christ are affective in using it.
Great BLOG!
Your brother in Christ,
Savaslas Lofton

Kevin Davisk

I cried last night too. It was awesome to think that just 4 decades removed from the great civil rights leaders death, that Barack Obama was elected President. It is a great step for our country and a great triumph for the thousands of people who struggled to see it come to be.

However, I did vote for Barack. As a white evangelical the pressure is to always vote Republican - which I hate. Voting pro-life on a Republican ticket is a far cry from voting whole-life. I believe in the social programs of the Democrats and chose to make my vote not on 1 issue.

I believe Barack will bring balance back to our country and help to restore our standing as a country in this world. But like all politicians, the real work begins now and we'll see if he is who he said he would be.

Last night was awesome though! Still kinda on a high from it.


I shared this with others...and they agree..here is one comment from of them..So Amen

Tell Kelli I exercised my right to write in a candidate also. I am VERY proud to tell the world that I voted for JESUS. And I did it as my daughter stood there and watched me do it.

Barbara Turner

Wow... I just welled up with tears from the person that voted for JESUS. WOW!!! I'm seriously all choked up. Loved your blog.

It's a whirlwind, isn't it? I feel it is a huge step forward from what the country was like 50 years ago with the fact that an African American was voted into the White House. But at the same time, I do not think the political issues in our country come down to race. The actual issues affect every man, woman, and child regardless of the color of our skin. I hope all people realize that the color of our president's skin won't change what he does or does not stand up for, ya know?

But what is truly great? What is great is that it doesn't matter what man is sitting in the oval office because I have a Father sitting on the throne in heaven in whom I place my trust. HE is where our help comes from! Today is no different than 2 days ago. We still place our faith in Him. The ecomony and everything else may fail, but my Jesus will never fail me. : )
Love you, girl.



I agree with you wholeheartedly! Regardless of how I voted, I had the biggest grin from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, Tuesday night! Yes, proud to be an American, but even more touched to be a Christian and know that somebody's prayers had been answered that night- in front of the whole world! Praise, God! Whose next in line? I say it's something to shout about! God is good!


SO well stated. I could agree with you more.

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