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October 27, 2008


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mmm. mmm. mmmmm. yes. there was a time i was leaning on my man too much because he was nothing like the dysfunction i saw in men as i was growing up. so my husband was EVERYTHING. and God had to remind me that i had placed my man into HIS position. yup, HE got me good.



I don't know you. I came across your blog today as a link to "CHURCH!!!!!RISE UP!!!!!" in a post of a friend's blog. After reading that, I stayed and found "Good Man, Great God."

I sat in amazement at the depth of your insight, spiritual sensitivity and maturity as I read about God stopping and redirecting your thinking toward your husband. You dared to be vulnerable for the sake of those who might learn from your experience. Trust me, someone is reading and learning.

You are an incredibly gifted and talented writer. You have a way of expressing your thoughts that is quite compelling and profound. I will be visiting more often.


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