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August 11, 2008


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What a thrill to witness that!


Tag, you're it.

Stop by my place to find out the way to play.


Wow! Your heart is incredible, I knew I like you. Mine and my husbands heart is also passionate for America's youth. We were youth pastors for over two years, and even now we find ourselves looking for opportunities to be able to hang out with and minister to youth. You are right, there is revival in this generation, however, someone has got to be that voice crying out in the wilderness that there is hope, and show them the way.....and just like you also said, willing to fight some spiritual warfare. The devil literally wants to take them out so it can't happen.

I'm so glad that you are willing to be one of those voices and warriors. Keep it up girl. I'm right there with ya! :)

ps. this is my sister's blog. her name is Sarah. she is 14 and she just recently found the Lord through my husband and I ministering to her and her getting involved in a local church and youth group. read her words and there is proof that there IS revival in this generation. www.sarahroyal.blogspot.com

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