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August 27, 2008


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i prefer the sound of Crickets on my iPhone

and it drives my wife crazy


UGH!!! I hate that! You are not alone, this happens to me 5 mornings out of the week. Then it is my turn on Sundays(cringe). My sound is a beeping tone...I hate it! I can't wait for retirement, then I can fulfill a life long dream off taking the alarm clock out back with a baseball bat and amshing it to bits until a sweet long awaited satisfaction comes over me and never look back(I'm sure my husband will probably want his own to join in on). Good bye alarm clocks FOREVER! What, I have about 30 more years till that happens...(looong sigh).


Okay, Kelli, I think you have GROUNDS!


HAHA!!!! I soooooo feel your pain. My husband does the exact same thing with his alarm. However, I can say it's not frogs. But honestly, I think I wish it was. His alarm is this loud, punchy, jazz horn number. SOOOO loud and soooo annoying. I keep telling him, why can't you just set it to 10 min. before you know how really are going to get up instead of interupting my sleep every 10 minutes for an hour??

[sigh] You gotta love those men we're married to! :)

Your husband

Hey they're CRICKETS! :-)

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