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August 08, 2008


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I will be praying with you.
I can see that your new journal will come in handy.

Kevin Davis

I've been in purgatory, I mean limbo, for a while too. I was a youth pastor out of college, then through a lot of drama we left the church and moved to Michigan to be closer to my wifes side of the family. So, for almost 3 years I've been dreaming, writing, thinking and longing for what's next. Still don't know but we do have some glimpses of what it may be.

I'll be praying for you too.


Hmmm, I will pray for you about this. However, while reading this...I couldn't help think about the giant hole we have in our church right now. UCM keeps coming to the forefront of my thoughts especially, after this little bit you wrote.

"We were created with many talents and passions. I'm a worship leader and youth mentor at heart, and my husband is a minstrel/musician and tekkie to the bone."

Those kids reqire all you have to offer and maybe more but, I can't see why if that might be the place for you, why GOD would not equip you and your husband for the task. Who knows...just gotta pray about it.

Much Love,

Kelli Girl

@ Sally--thank you for the prayers.

@ Kevin--Its good to know someone understands. I'll be praying for you and your family as well.

@ Joie--I've been checking out the UCM services lately. I'm all for being wherever God wants us to be, even if it means staying here. I just want to be "actively pursuing what He's called me to do"...not just sitting on the sidelines waiting for change to come. so appreciate your prayers Joie. God bless you


Hi Kelli,

I've certainly been there more than a few times in my life, "Lodebar". I've already prayed for you and your family to connect to the right place at the right time. I know no matter how far you may be off from the Master's plan, as long as you keep your hand in His, He'll get you back on track. Be Blessed!

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