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August 20, 2008


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I absolutely love the nugget that you brought out to us from the words in that song. You have an amazing gift to take simple things and bring incredible truth that we can all apply to our daily lives and relationships. Thank you.


I like the way you say you love hard.
Now, CRAM for a test, okay, I get what you mean.
However, as an educator, cramming is the worst way to learn. It's been proven that you should study a bit and then have a bit of rest or fun--some distraction.
So, Kelli, take that and use it to rework the metaphor.
(Look at me--giving you an assignment!) : )


I know this was more of a serious post, but you had me cracking up at the mention of not knowing MC Lyte was a lesbian and wanting to be like her!

Kelli Girl

Thank you Rachel for the encouragement.
Thank you Sally for the insight.
And thank you Jacinda for laughing, because I laughed when I wrote that part. I was devastated....like in shock when I could out she was a lesbian. My friends laughed at me like, well duh!!!! I guess im a tad naive.


This is an incredible piece. I, too, have been told that I love hard. I thought it was a one-off phrase, but apparently it is not.

I care deeply about those whom I call my friends. It is not a term I take lightly. Nor do I take my relationships lightly. I don't let an opportunity go by to tell those particularly close to me how I feel about them and how much I "cram to understand" them.

I love hard. My friend's concerns become my concerns. I help bear my friend's burdens until I literally feel the weight of it. I pray for them until the burden is lifted.

I've had to discipline myself to hold back a little. I tend to smother people with attention, leaving them no room. I damaged a relationship I treasured that way. I learned a hard lesson. Now, after I've made the effort to communicate clearly and passionately, I give time and space for reflection and response. Some times the wait kills me but most of the time my patience is rewarded.

Pursuing relationships is hard work and has inherent risk built in. But in the end, the rewards are always worth the risk. Stay just the way you are, Kelli.

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